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September-November, 2006 : Billy Martinez "GIRLS" Reception

July-August 2006 Bonnie Gammill:

April, 2006 : Favorites Show

February 3 2006 : Anne Faith Nicholls

November 18 2005 : Eric Joyner & Shawn Barber

October 6 2005 - November 14 : Local Show - Tanem , Chad Barbaro, Damon Belanger, Dabo, Justin, Carrie Hogan, Raphael Isaacs, Yves Goyatton, Casey O’Neal, Mike Schultz

7/26/2005 : Tes One & Bask

6/17/05 : Prints & Posters -  Eric Joyner, Shepard Fairey, Dave Kinsey, David Burk, Jeremy Fish, Andrew Jackson, Mike Giant, Marco Almera, 8-Ball

4/29/05 Jacob Arden McClure “Life on Display”

4/7/05 LIVE MUSIC: Sean Smith, The John Francis and Impostors, Jaymee Martin

3/18/05 1st Annual Photography Show: Morgan Slade, Gina Garan, Julio Duffoo, Sara Remington, Sunshine Jackson, Patrick Tregenza and 666 Photography

2/23/05 LIVE MUSIC: Bart Davenport, Angelina and her Fun Machine, Matthew Baldwin

2/4/05 “The Lovely Zoo” Anne Faith Nicholls and “Subversive Love” Charles Glaubitz

11/14/04 Print & Poster Show: Shepard Fairey, Dave Kinsey, David Choe, Marco Almera, KozynDan, Mark Ryden, Andrew Jackson, Lucky Bunny, TxuTxo Perez, Ryan McGinness, Dabo, Sara Ray, and Dave Burk

9/24/04 1st Annual Local’s Show: Dabo, Khalid Hussein, Mark Jones, Munktiki, Khambrel Green & RB Morris

9/18/05 LIVE MUSIC: Closing party with the Darktown Rounders & Waterwings

8/13/04 The ‘Hot Rod’ Show: David Perry, Sara Ray, Marco Almera, Cole Foster, Bruce Gossett & Jacob Arden McClure. AFTER PARTY at Viva’s with The Darktown Rounders & The Old Spice Girls

8/6/04 LIVE MUSIC: Sean Smith, Birds of America, Sam Flax, Matt Baldwin

6/25/04 2nd Group Show: Mitsy Avila Ovalles, Sean Boyles, Txutxo Perez, and Charles Glaubitz

5/21/04 The Outer Edge Grand Opening: Shepard Fairey, David Choe, Jaya King, Gustavo Venegas, Marco Almera, Miles Eastman & Munktiki